Hop out with the uzi,
Yellin long live the Houthi,
Black Americans that move like them
Would be a scary movie,
America shall suffer for the fundin
Of the moolies that initiated genocide
On Hutu and the Tutsi,
NATO interferences,
“Liberatin Libya”,
Livin up to expectations of serial murderers,
Israelis protestin Russia on graves
Of Palestinians,
Red, white and blue coup on the
Weigh ins on Chileans,
Storm the land on bronco,
Belgium should atone for the sins
Committed on Congo,
Viva Fidel Castro,
No, that aint a typo,
Government officials hopin that
I let the mic go,
Red tide wont calm
Till it hits AFRICOM,
Do my dance when France
Gets hit with a couple bombs,
1985, they couldn’t leave us alone,
11 dead when the feds set fire to our